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  • Proterra Collagen is a type of protein that has a large amount in the structure of the body, and it has many functions. The most important known benefits of Proterra Proterra Collagen are to improve skin health, increase skin elasticity, and support the prevention and improvement of skin imperfections. Proterra Collagen delays aging by reducing wrinkle formation. Proterra Collagen also helps maintain the integrity of the cartilage. Since cartilages are important structures that protect joints, it is very important to have sufficient collagen production in preventing the development of joint diseases.
    One of our problems is usually joint pain. Proterra Collagen product helps to alleviate these pains and prevent joint inflammation. It contributes to bone strengthening and prevention of bone loss since bones also contain high levels of collagen. Another feature of our Proterra Collegen product is that it improves hair and nail health. It alleviates the effects of aging on the skin and skeletal system. If there is a wound or scab in any part of the body, it accelerates the needling very quickly.

    How To Use: There are 14 cures in total. It should be used 1 daily. At the end of the 14th day, you have used all the cures and you do not need to use them again for 6 months. If you need to use it again, you can start again after 6 months.

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