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Dermclar Derm Face

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  • Proterra Dermclar Face is a premixed cocktail of active ingredients providing nutrient-rich, revitalizing agents that rejuvenate the skin, regenerate and restore skin luminosity. Vitamin C antioxidants essential for collagen synthesis, providing tissue strength and radiance. Proterra Dermclar Derm Face which has a rich vitamin and mineral content reduces fine lines and depth of the wrinkle. Proterra Dermclar Derm Face brightens dull skin and restores skin's radiance. On the one hand, it tightens your skin. Proterra Dermclar Derm Face protects the skin and resists the damages that may occur against harmful environmental factors. Some of the vitamins and minerals in our product are as follows; DMAE, Argireline, Leuphasyl, Hyaluronic Acid, Oligoelements essential, Glutathione.

    How To Use: The process should be done with Proterra Dermaroller device. Open the serum bottle and attach the kit. Gently rub the dermaroller up and down for 5 minutes on your cleansed face before the process. Drip the serum attached with the kit onto your face.
    It is recommended to apply 2ml to 4ml for each use for maximum effect. During the process, spread 3-4 ml of serum with the fingertips in a circular massage to spread to the maximum surface.

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