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Proterra Anti Aging Cream

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  • Proterra Anti-Aging Cream is a cream that rejuvenates, regenerates, and smoothes the skin. It restores the brightness and vitality of the skin from the first use. It helps to equalize skin tone while reducing the appearance of fine lines on the skin. While wrinkles and fine lines appear to decrease day by day, your skin will have a silky appearance. The most effective way to get rid of skin defects such as acne in a short period of time is Proterra anti-acne cream offers an effective solution. Acne, which is left immediately after drying or erupting, is extremely annoying and casts a shadow on beauty. It is a very effective acne treatment. It completely destroys the microorganisms that can cause acne problems and prevents it from growing by settling on the skin. It is the perfect combination of vitamins A, B, B3, B8, E, and F, thanks to the extracts contained in the content. It is a reliable product that can be used by every person in every age group. He's not authorized any side effects. It also prevents the formation of new acne on the skin thanks to its germ-killing feature.

    How To Use: Apply a cleansed skin by massaging it in the evening. Do not wash.

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