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Proterra Anti Hair Loss Spray

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  • Proterra - Anti Hair Loss Spray is the most effective product used to strengthen and nourish your hair strands, reduce and prevent hair loss. Proterra - Anti Hair Loss Spray, nourishes hair follicles and thickens hair strands with copper, zinc, iron, and calcium minerals contained in the product. In this process, as your hair matures, you can see its effect over time. Essential vitamins such as; A, B1, B5, and B9 that are contained in the Proterra products, provide hair growth and strengthening. While the product ingredients of other brands do not contain as much vitamin and minerals as Proterra - Anti Hair Loss Spray, Proterra - Anti Hair Loss Spray has been designed and produced without avoiding any health conditions. Omega 6, 9, and unsaturated fatty acids are effective against intense hair loss with Proterra - Anti Hair Loss Spray. Biotin helps the hair strands to improve healthily and provides results that are strengthened against breaking the hair strands. Flavonoids (Apigenin) that one of the ingredients of Proterra - Anti Hair Loss Spray allows the capillaries to expand, thus increasing the blood circulation. Thanks to Proterra Anti-hair loss spray, you can healthily have your hair and prevent your hair loss.

    How To Use: It is applied by spraying 5 (five) times to the area where hair loss occurred 2 (two) times a day in the morning and evening. Apply by massaging the sprayed area with your fingertips. Make sure that the applied scalp is clean. It is recommended to wash with Proterra - Anti Hair Loss Shampoo before application.

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