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Proterra Beard Serum

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  • Proterra beard serum stimulates the hair follicles through the active natural extracts it contains and helps to mature these follicles. It provides an intense appearance by strengthening the existing hair. For this reason, the use of serum for people with a thin beard helps to make it appear denser. Thin Beards are caused due seasonal changing, stress-induced or disordered nutrition depending on many reasons we made the Proterra beard serum to get rid of the thin beard problem, provide an effective solution for your regional shedding and regulate the formation of healthier beard strands by preventing hair loss in the region.

    How To Use: In order to show the effect of Proterra beard serum on the skin, it is important to make sure that beard is short and the area is clean before the process. Apply gentle circular massage using your fingertips to spread it over and feed the skin. Do not rinse the area after the product is applied.
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