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Proterra Face Mesotherapy Set

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  • Proterra Face Mesotherapy Kit provides a good improvement in skin wrinkles, deep lines, and skin tone. It also gives the skin its specific collagen structure. It eliminates the activity of the tyrosine enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis, which helps produce a powerful antioxidant, neutralizes oxidized proteins, thereby equalizing skin tone perfectly, reducing skin sagging, making the skin look fresher and rested. Mesotherapy shows its effect by stimulating structures such as collagen and elastin under the skin. Proterra facial Mesotherapy Kit begins to show its effect on the skin 2 weeks after application.

    How To Use:Process should be done with the Proterra Derma roller device. Open the Serum bottle and put the kit. Gently rub the derma roller up and down for 5 minutes on your face skin that has been cleaned before the procedure. Drip the serum attached with the kit into your face skin. It is recommended to apply 2ml to 4ml serum with each use for maximum effect. During the process, distribute 3-4 ml of serum with fingertips for maximum surface spread by giving a circular massage.
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